mohamed salah

An English citizen, the author of this comment, is for Mohamed Salah

On the Liverpool page  

Haven’t you had enough yet?

Is it not time for you to stop what you are doing out of respect for the history of your predecessors?

Is it not enough for you to eliminate racism against Arabs?

Do you think that your feet on the ground shake the hearts of defenders and goalkeepers alone?

It’s not like that, boy

Don’t you know that you are the strongest emotional hurricane that has passed through the Liverpool nation?

Do you think it’s easy to mess with numbers engraved in blood on the fortified castles of Anfield?

I told you and I will repeat it to you again

You decided to punish Britain for its occupation of your country

And you succeeded in occupying an entire country on your own

And I wish you colonized their lands

You colonized their hearts, minds, and throats that chant for you, and you were not satisfied

And I know that you will not be satisfied until you see the tears of the owners of the numbers that you destroy with your eyes

The owner of the childish smile

Oh man of high morals!

If you fool everyone, you can’t fool me

I told them and warned them, but they ignored me

I told them that the English did not sign a footballer

The English contracted with a professional creature

A professional creature named Mohamed Salah 💪

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