The Different Types of Suits

The Best Men Suits: What To Look For When Shopping

A suit can be a great addition to your wardrobe. In the world of fashion, the suit is an important garment because it’s versatile and can be worn in nearly any situation. That said, there are also many different styles of suits to choose from. So in order to buy a suit that will last you a lifetime and that will look good on you, you need to know what suits are out there and what they’re made of. The following article has information about what to look for in a men’s suit when shopping.


Section 1: What To Look For When Buying A Men’s Suit

The first thing that a man needs to look for in a suit is quality. While the price tag will not be an indicator of quality, it’s important to look at the materials, the cut, the stitching, and the overall appearance of the suit.  One of the most important aspects to look for is the amount of fabric. A suit can be made out of several different fabrics and the amount of fabric in the suit will vary depending on the occasion. Most suits will include a black or grey suit; however, you may also find a suit with beige or brown suits, which make good casual wear for business casual occasions.  Suit fabric also refers to the material of the suit. Silk, cotton, and wool are the most common fabrics used to make suits. The best suit fabric is the one that provides the most comfort.


The Different Types of Suits

The two main types of suits you can choose from are the business suit and the sport coat and blazer combination. The business suit is the most formal, as it is suitable for many situations. The suit jacket can be paired with a casual shirt and slacks, or it can be paired with a sweater and jeans. As for the sport coat, it is meant for a more casual look, and it can be paired with a pair of pants.  In addition to the two main types, there are also two more commonly known types: the three piece suit and the four piece suit. The three piece suit consists of a jacket, matching pants, and a vest, and the four piece suit consists of a vest, a waistcoat, and trousers.


Choosing A Style That Matches Your Body Type

A suit is one of the best items you can buy for yourself, but it can be hard to choose what you’ll look best in. Many professionals suggest choosing your style based on your body type. A slim profile is better suited to fitted clothing, while a larger frame can look better in wider fits. Determine what suit style best fits you before leaving the store, so you can walk out feeling great.  Avoid Colorblocking  Colorblocking is a popular trend among men these days. However, there is a limit as to how much color you should incorporate. Wearing too much of the same color will make you look dated. When in doubt, stick with colors that compliment one another. For example, don’t wear a black suit with red shoes. They might appear silly together.


What To Look For When Shopping For Fabric

It’s very important to look at the material that you choose to wear with a suit. Some suits are made of cotton and other suits are made of wool. The important thing to know is that wool is better for you, as it is much cooler in temperature. If you would like to remain cool when you wear a suit, consider wearing wool.  When purchasing a suit, be sure to check the tag for the size. Shops may mark their suits with one size and the clothes may have actually been too small. Also, some tailors cannot give an accurate estimate of how much a suit will cost you, so make sure you pay close attention when trying on a suit.  A good suit should fit you well, not look like you tried too hard. A good tailor should be able to help you select clothes that look flattering on your figure.


Making Sure Your Suit Fits Properly

First, there’s one simple thing you need to make sure of: That your suit fits right. Suits that are too big can look sloppy and can make you feel like you don’t fit in. Suits that are too small will highlight your thin frame and make you look slovenly. Make sure the suit you choose fits you properly.  Choose Color Blocking  Another thing you need to consider when buying a suit is the different color options that are available. You’re not going to wear a black suit all of the time. Usually, you’re going to want to wear a lighter color of suit with a darker color. You also don’t want to wear a very light color with a very dark color.  So it’s a good idea to get a suit that has two different color options so that you can choose the color that matches the seasons.


Take measurements before you buy your suit

Measure your waist and your inseam. This is important so that you are shopping at a store that sells suits, not an estate sale. Also measure your arms, legs, chest, and neck to get a good idea of your overall size. This will help you to avoid ordering a suit that is too long or short.  Don’t be afraid to try on a suit in different fabrics  A lot of people can be intimidated by suits because they tend to be stiff and they can be confusing. Don’t be afraid to try a suit on in different fabrics. If you’re worried about that, try on one in a cotton blend and see how it fits. Cotton is a great material for summer suits and suits for warm weather.



If you are shopping for a suit, you may want to consider having it tailored. These alterations help keep the look fresh and help ensure you will always have a great fitting suit. Be sure to go to a tailor with experience in fine tailored clothes.  Thread Count  The thread count of a fabric refers to how many threads are wrapped around the cotton. Cotton is composed of five basic kinds of yarns, in which there are three natural colors and a white one. While synthetic material has mostly been associated with winter clothing, cotton is still an excellent material for any other time of the year. There is a much greater range of thread colors available in cotton that in synthetic fiber. As such, a suit made of cotton is likely to look better than one made of synthetic fibers.


Final words

There are a lot of men that don’t like to wear suits, and you can understand that. But if you love wearing suits, consider this article and then shop for the suit that you want. You might be pleasantly surprised at how well it works with your outfit, how well it fits, and how well it will look on you.  If you can’t find a suit you like, then consider purchasing a suit online. There are websites where you can receive great suits in a number of styles and at great prices. Online tailoring is a great way to ensure the suit fits just right, and it gives you the ability to make alterations to suit your needs.  Have fun shopping for your next new suit. And if you do, don’t forget to share your pictures with us!  READ MORE: Rene Pesquera Interview | Fall Fashion Trends  Photo Credit: www.


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