The Best Suit For You

Learn everything you need to know about how to buy, wear, and take care of a suit.


What is a suit?

“A suit is a piece of clothing in which the fabric is not only functional, but also provides the basic definition of an outfit,” says Leo Meyer, a writer in New York City. The most common parts of the suit are the trousers (that go below the shoe), shirt, waistcoat (a long cloth connecting the jacket to the trousers), vest (a cloth you can put on over the waistcoat), and tie. Think of it as your “uniform” that you’ll wear for work or an evening occasion.  A dark suit  Of course, all of those pieces—as well as a great shirt and tie—can be dressed up or down. A neutral pair of dress shoes (a cross-over or a basic brogue are popular) can go with pretty much any suit, while a pair of loafers, pumps, or suede boots are a great option for work-to-play, too.


Suit selection

How does one choose a suit? There are so many factors, the best starting point is to have a starting budget in mind. This will be the most limiting factor of a suit, so make sure you have a solid handle on what you’re looking to spend and understand what to shop for.  Knowing your personal body shape and size will come into play as well. Obviously, most suits are tailored to fit larger body shapes, but a good tailor can enlarge a suit to fit smaller body shapes, so keeping that in mind will help you determine what to look for.  Also, the sleeve length plays a huge role in a suit. A suit with shorter sleeves, such as the suit Ken mentioned above, will be more formal, while a longer sleeve suit will be more casual, but also offer more versatility, as well.


How to buy a suit

Forget everything you know about suits and start shopping in the right places. If you want a timeless classic, there’s no sense in shopping at a department store where most of what’s available is out of your price range. This is where some online retailers come in handy. We’ve rounded up the best online sources for suits that have a wide range of styles and sizes, ranging from $100-$300 and offering free shipping and returns, as well as picks that you can buy in-store.  Traditional suit buyers should get it tailored so the suit fits you correctly. To make sure you have the right size, visit the store to get measured. Otherwise, let a professional measure you with the help of a tape measure, a tape measure, and a suit jacket.


How to wear a suit

How to buy a suit  How to care for a suit  How to look good in a suit  30 power suits for all occasions  Think Spring  After growing, spring, with its lighter colors and natural fabrics, is a very welcome change. It’s the perfect time to introduce some new pieces to your wardrobe.  Maintain Your Look With a Few Pieces of Styling Tools  Add Color to Your Wardrobe  There’s a reason color is considered a wardrobe staple. Plus, the addition of a little can really upgrade any classic look. Here are a few classics and how to wear them.  The best sweaters to pair with your khakis or slacks  5 lightweight knits for spring  5 spring sweaters to style now  A pair of overalls is a great item to throw on with your little gray J.Crew corduroy jacket or your blue cotton blazer.


How to care for your suit

How to look after your suit  Wearing your suit with style  Dressing down or up for a suit  Buy high quality, invest in a quality fabric, and always wear a tie  5 Rules For When You Don’t Own A Suit  Ever have trouble with the sizing of a suit? Check out these tips to get a custom fit.



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